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The VEEEW magazine


To get an idea of ​​the many possibilities of Augmented Reality we publish VEEEW Magazine. In addition to general information you can also find several images where Augmented Reality is added in this magazine.

The magazine is regularly updated with new, inspiring AR examples from our customers which are designed by marketingagencies.

To experience the Augmented Reality in the magazine, you need the VEEEW app. You can download the free app for Android and iOS in the appstores.

VEEEW Magazine is meant to inspire you to see how you can add value to your regular printwork with Augmented Reality. So you can distinguish your company from others with the may possibilities of Augmented Reality!

Download the magazine and get inspired. We can assist in the overall process of using Augmented Reality in printwork, allowing you to create AR yourself and make good use of the many cross-media possibilities towards your customers. Please contact us for more information.

 Download VEEEW Magazine
VEEEW magazine

Download VEEEW Magazine

The many examples of Augmented Reality in the magazine work best when the pdf of the magazine is printed, but the magazine can also be scanned from your desktop screen.

Step 1: Download the VEEEW Magazine PDF
Step 2: If possible, print it in order to get the best effect
Step 3: Download the VEEEW app
Step 4: Open the app
Step 5: Scan the pictures in the magazine

Experience Augmented Reality with VEEEW !