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Augmented Reality

What exactly is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality is a live image of reality where elements are added by your device, based on image recognition. The VEEEW app adds a layer over the image of the camera on your device, with additional information about what at the camera is pointing at.

This layer may consist of different added elements with, for example, additional information about a product or an organization. With the technique of image recognition, the added information can be displayed in an intuitive way, and will be interactive to use. For example, by clicking through to a website or web shop.

Augmented Reality is a unique and innovative experience, totally different from the normal perception that a user has. It distinguishes your business from other companies. With AR, it is possible to display additional information about a product in print, such as by showing augmented additional images, or specific technical information or bu showing video presentations.

Augmented Reality offers many opportunities to link the offline and online world and get in touch with your clients quickly and directly through the various call-to-action possibilities.

This means that 'tapping' on the published information on the screen of the device, the user can for example be routed directly to your webshop or web page, send you an email, can be redirected to Facebook where they immediately can ‘like’ your company or product. Or call you directly, download files such as flyers, brochures or product information, etcetera.


VEEEW is a system consisting of an online content management system and an application, allowing Augmented Reality - effects to be added easy and fast to, for example, printwork.

Users can see these effects by downloading the free VEEEW app and 'scanning' the printwork. These effects may for example include: self-designed or standard buttons for interactively redirecting, displaying photos or video, play audio clips and soon to come display 3D models and animations.

All you as a customer need to do is to provide us with the digital printwork and the content you want to see displayed augmented. Together we determine how to make your printwork augmented in the best way; which pages are best for video playback or additional photos. Which pages are suitable for interactive buttons to your social media channels or directly to your webshop to buy the product from the printed media online.

Download the free VEEEW app on your device and scan the inspirational VEEEW Magazine to see what VEEEW can do for your printwork!

Download the free VEEEW AR APP

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The VEEEW app is developed for iOS and Android and can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

VEEEW is a generic app. This means that all users can apply Augmented Reality in their printwork.

By scanning the images in printwork (which are recognizable marked with AR content) with phone or tablet , the user will see the printwork come to life! By downloading only one app, a whole new augmented world will be opened!


A few examples of Augmented Reality effects possible in printwork :

A picture
An animation
A company movie or product presentation
A page of your website
An interactive contact page with various buttons
Technical details of a car or machine
A special day


A photo carousel where the user can swipe through a selection of images of your products
A 3D image of your product that can be viewed from all sides

Show your product in 3D with VEEEW

The display of a 3D model on print can give a spectacular effect. This offers your customers a unique new customer experience. Think of displaying machinery or homes in 3D! With VEEEW the user can "pinch" to zoom in on the product and make the product rotate on the screen. This way, user can see the details of your product.

VEEEW .OBJ files can be uploaded. But if you have, for example, AutoCAD, Maya Max3DS- or files? Then we can make this VEEEW-suited, often at little extra cost. This price depends on the detail, size and usability of existing files. Also, there are many for 3D models on the internet that can be used with some minor modifications.

A 3D model can be combined with other AR elements such as audio or video for demonstrating a product from a magazine or flyer. You can also use an interactive button so the customer can order the product directly online. VEEEW tracks how often your model is shown and with buttons we can possibly add website / URL tagging so when the user clicks the interactive button you know, for example, with Google Analytics, where website traffic is coming from.

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Zoom and rotate!

Screenshot 3D model of VEEEW app

Your product shown on an A1 poster format and then view it from all sides? It is possible with the free VEEEW app!



The use of the price VEEEW system consists of two components:

  • Number of images to be added with augmented reality
  • Number of scans of the images done by users to display the augmented reality

We use a number of pricing models; the more scans are purchased in advance, the lower the price per marker. Of course we can advise you in the choice of the package best suited for you.

  • Price for scans €99,00
  • Up to 1,000 scans:
  • Price per marker €100,00
  • Price for scans €825,00
  • Up to 25,000 scans:
  • Recommended up to 25 markers
  • Price per marker €90,00
  • Price for scans €2350,00
  • Up to 100.000 scans
  • Recommended for 50 or more markers
  • Price per marker €50,00

The images which are used stay scannable for users for 18 months. After this period, the images are set on inactive and the augmented reality will no longer be visible. Unless you buy another package ofcourse.

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