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VEEEW BV was founded by three parties: Group Joos (Belgium), Scholma Print & Media (Bedum) and MultiMediaMarkers (Groningen). Cooperation in the field of Augmented Reality between the companies dates back from 2014. MultiMediaMarkers has developed several custommade Augmented Reality apps for different customers of Group Joos and Scholma, which added value tot their printwork.

An example is the ‘Kampioenenbier’ App, where the labels on beer bottles come to life, and when scanning multiple bottles even dialogues take place between the persons depicted on the labels. Another example is the Bourtange App. This fortified city made its brochure interactive, so that users of the app can watch fun videos about the fortified city. Besides this, the Bourtange app offers advertisers the possibility to add value tot their advertising space in the Bourtange brochure, by giving them the opportunity to provide extra interactive information via Augmented Reality like movies and/or buttons.

By the end of 2015 the three parties decided to further intensify this cooperation and to develop a generic system called VEEEW, where companies can add Augmented Reality within minutes. So they can create interactive printwork which comes to life quick and easy. The new company and product VEEEW will create added value for your printing. Together, we offer the printing of the future!

Group Joos is a leading and innovative graphics company that offers a wide range of products and services. An expert team will guide you from idea to finished product. Group Joos is a leader in the areas of: business mail, print management, security printing, direct mail and packaging solutions.

Scholma Print & Media is a modern graphic arts company. In addition to the core print they offer additional services and advice around printing. In addition, they provide the most modern means of communication. With the Publishing on Demand system (brand name Dopp) you can publish when and in what form you want.

Multimedia Markers specializes in the realization of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Apps. Multimedia Markers develops affordable apps for its clients where smartphone or tablet cameras can be used to bring print to life. Besides a number of standard Augmented Reality App Packages which they offer, MultiMediaMarkers also develops custommade apps for its clients.



The corporate mission of VEEEW is to enable all organizations to use Augmented Reality as a new communication channel in marketing and add value to regular printwork with AR.

Through a user-friendly, generic and stable platform with flexibility because of the real-time processing of the desired AR effects, and offer all this at a competitive price.

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